Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings – Fort Worth, TX

Producing Healthier Smiles with Bi-Annual Visits

Creating healthy smiles depends on regular attention, both at home with a toothbrush and floss, and at our office with checkups and dental cleanings. To help our patients enjoy optimal oral health, we recommend visiting our Fort Worth dental office at least twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning and comprehensive dental exam. During your appointment, you’ll have our full attention as we thoroughly clean and complete an inspection of your teeth and gums. If we need to talk to you about more advanced care, Dr. McIntosh will carefully explain your dentistry needs and how she can help you meet them. Call us today to inquire further about the benefits of six-month dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Fort Worth.

Why Choose Distinguished Dental for Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings?

  • Enhanced Digital X-Rays with Clearer Images
  • Personalized Treatment Plans Based on Patients’ Needs
  • Comfort Amenities to Ensure Positive Patient Experience

What Happens During the First Dental Visit?

Are you visiting Dr. McIntosh’s office for the first time? When you come in, you can expect a friendly greeting from our team. Then, after a tour of our Fort Worth dental practice, a hygienist or dental assistant will walk you back to your chair and make sure that you’re comfortable. After your cleaning has been completed, Dr. McIntosh will introduce herself, complete your exam, and talk to you about the results. When you’re ready to leave, we’ll send you on your way with a new patient goodie bag for you to use at home.

Conservative Dental Care Through Prevention

Young woman receiving a dental checkup in Fort Worth

The goal of conservative care is to only make changes to your smile if we have to. Preventive care helps us achieve that goal by preventing the most common oral health problems, which include gum disease, tooth decay, teeth grinding, and TMJ disorder. Your checkup may also include digital X-rays, dental sealants, and an oral cancer screening. With every patient, we want to minimize issues before they occur, and we want to treat existing problems at their earliest stages of development before they become more advanced.

Continuing Dental Care with Dr. McIntosh

Smiling man giving thumbs up in dental chair

Through continuing care, we want to help patients achieve their long-term oral health goals. What comprises continuing care? It may simply mean routine, professional cleanings and exams—which you should have twice a year—or it may mean more advanced general, cosmetic, and restorative treatment. If you need advanced care, our skilled Fort Worth, TX dentist, Dr. McIntosh, will create a fully personalized plan to make sure you get exactly the help you need.

Brush Better with Sonicare

Smiling woman in dental chair holding electric toothbrush

At Distinguished Dental, we love Sonicare's brushes so much that we not only recommend them to our patients but also sell them at discounted prices. Sonicare’s brushes use gentle yet powerful vibrations to help you brush more thoroughly, while a built-in timer will help you brush for the recommended two minutes each session. If you’ve always used a traditional brush, we’d love to talk to you about the benefits of switching to Sonicare.