Replace Missing Teeth – Fort Worth, TX

Embrace a Complete, Functional Smile Once Again

Incomplete smiles no longer have to be the reality for patients suffering from tooth loss. Instead, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants are all available at Distinguished Dental as methods Dr. McIntosh can use to rebuild smiles that work and look brand-new. Using state-of-the-art technologies and years of experience, she can help individuals once again feel good about their appearance by replacing missing teeth in Fort Worth. Call us today if you’re ready to discover the difference we can make.

Why Choose Distinguished Dental for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • We Partner with Local Specialists for Dental Implant Placement
  • High-Quality, Natural-Looking Materials Used
  • Customized Treatment Plans to Ensure Patients’ Needs Are Met

Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are made to fill in the gaps in a patient's smile, preserving the structure of your bite and preventing nearby teeth from shifting out of place. With your completed prosthetic in place, eating is more comfortable, and you can smile with greater confidence.

A custom-made fixed dental bridge is made up of at least two, often three, pieces. The first piece is the prosthetic tooth that will replace what you have lost. This piece is held in place by one or two abutment crowns that are placed over healthy teeth. Together, all these pieces are connected to form a literal bridge between healthy teeth, filling in the gap in your smile.

A full bridge procedure usually takes at least two appointments to complete. In the first, Dr. McIntosh will assess your needs, prepare your teeth, and take impressions. Then, in between appointments, our lab will create your final prosthetic. When you return to our Fort Worth office for the last stage of your treatment, we’ll simply trade your temporary for your final crown and bridge and double-check how it fits, completing your procedure and restoring your smile’s functionality.


Dentist holding a set of full dentures for replacing missing teeth

Full and partial dentures can be great ways to replace multiple missing teeth or full arches. As one of the most common forms of tooth replacement, these prosthetics have been used for centuries to rebuild smiles. Made with an acrylic base and artificial teeth, partial dentures possess a metal framework that attaches to healthy teeth when being put into place. Using the same materials but without any additional metal, full dentures require natural suction and denture adhesive to rest on top of the gums and create a full, complete appearance.

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Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant with crown replacing a missing lower tooth

Dental implants are unlike dentures and dental bridges. As a superior form of tooth replacement, they recreate the tooth roots of teeth using titanium, ceramic, or zirconia materials. When placed into the jawbone, they fuse with the surrounding bone tissues and create the base of support for new, customized restorations (i.e., dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures). As the only method of treatment that is designed to rebuild teeth from the roots up, dental implants can remain firmly in place for 30 years or in many cases, a lifetime.

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