Tooth Extractions – Fort Worth, TX

The Last Resort to Improve Your Oral Health

At Distinguished Dental, our goal is to provide the most conservative care possible for each patient. As a result, tooth extraction is rarely the first option we recommend. There are times, however, when it may be the best—and only—option available to relieve a patient’s uncomfortable symptoms. Our promise to you is that we will never recommend an extraction unless it really is the best treatment option.

If you have a cracked, severely broken, or decayed tooth, an extraction may be your only remaining choice. In these extreme situations, a crown is not enough to restore functionality. Cost may also dictate your decision to have a tooth extracted.

For other patients, a tooth extraction may be necessary if a root canal isn't an option. In most cases, a root canal is very possible, but not every patient is the same. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances interfere with a patient’s ability to have a tooth repaired with a root canal. In these instances, a surgical procedure to remove the tooth may simply be the best option. Call us to find out if tooth extraction in Fort Worth is what you need to ensure the health of your smile.

Why Choose Distinguished Dental for Tooth Extractions?

  • Various Sedation Dentistry Options Available
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  • Dentist with More Than 15 Years of Experience

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

While many patients will never need to have a tooth extracted, there is an exception. Between the ages of 15 and 25, your wisdom teeth will begin to emerge through the gumline. Our modern jaws can’t accommodate these teeth, and if they’re allowed to come in, they can cause crowding or can become impacted, causing painful symptoms in both cases and making you vulnerable to other dental problems in the future.

Tooth Extraction & Orthodontics

Dental clasp holding an extracted tooth

A patient who is preparing for treatment with braces may need to have one or more teeth extracted to create room for teeth to move into their new position. Overcrowding can make it difficult to create a properly aligned smile, but a tooth extraction will create space for teeth to become properly aligned with SureSmile or Invisalign.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Smiling young woman holding an extracted tooth

As your dedicated Fort Worth dentist, Dr. McIntosh will help you make the final decision on whether a tooth extraction is the best option for you. Because every patient is different, a personalized approach to care is very important. We will help you understand your needs and the pros and cons of tooth extractions before recommending a specific treatment plan.