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Relieving Pain with Keller Root Canal Therapy

Beneficial Endodontic Care

Are you experiencing a toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks? You may benefit from endodontic care. A root canal is an endodontic procedure that can help patients with an infected or abscessed tooth achieve good health and wellbeing again. Not only is a root canal a common and straightforward procedure, it’s also non-invasive and, with today’s technology, more comfortable than ever before.


Root Canal Procedure

During your root canal, Dr. McIntosh will thoroughly clean out your tooth, removing all traces of infection as well as your tooth’s nerve. Afterward, we’ll fill the tooth with a biocompatible material known as gutta-percha. This will replace the nerve material we’ve removed. Finally, Dr. McIntosh and her team will place a protective crown over your tooth, restoring its strength, appearance, and functionality while saving the root underneath it.

Are you concerned that you might have an infected tooth? Call Distinguished Dental today to reserve your consultation appointment. During your visit, Dr. McIntosh will evaluate your health and recommend a treatment to help you. If you have any questions about the plan she recommends, don’t hesitate to ask. We offer root canal therapy to patients in and around the Keller and Ft. Worth area.

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