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February 10, 2016

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Keller DentistYou know that if you want to maintain your best oral health, you have to be an active participant. That’s why you faithfully brush your teeth two times every day and floss at least once a day. You figure you’re not having any problems, so why take the time to see the dentist? Well, when you come to see your Keller family dentist Dr. McIntosh, she and her staff can make sure you continue to not have any problems. That’s exactly what a dental checkup is for—to help prevent problems.

A dental checkup consists of:

  • Cleaning
  • Examination
  • Education

When you visit our Keller dental office for a dental checkup, you can look forward to having your teeth cleaned and polished by one of our skilled dental hygienists. We trust that you do a great job of brushing your teeth at home, but our in-office professional cleaning is done with special dental instruments that allow us to reach areas that may be difficult for you to do on your own. In addition, our cleaning can get rid of extrinsic stains that would otherwise begin to mar your smile. We’ll also floss your teeth to remove any trapped debris as well as plaque.

During the examination portion of your dental checkup, the hygienist and Dr. McIntosh will check each one of your teeth for signs of decay. Using a probe, we’ll check for soft spots in the enamel of your teeth that can be an indication of the beginning of a cavity. And at designated times, we’ll also take digital x-rays to show where there might be decay developing between two teeth or just below the surface of a tooth.

We’ll also visually examine your gum tissue and measure the depth of gum pockets that surround your teeth to determine whether or not you might have gum disease, a bacterial infection that can put you at risk for oral and general health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. The dental examination also includes an oral cancer screening as well as a check for TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition that causes jaw pain and headaches.

Finally, and even though we know you brush and floss at home, we’ll offer tips on how you can make your oral hygiene at home more effective. In between your visit to our Keller dental office, we want to make sure your smile stays as healthy as possible.

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For the sake of your healthy smile, don’t put off your next dental checkup. Contact Distinguished Dental in Keller, TX, to schedule one today. We welcome patients from surrounding areas including Roanoke, Trophy Club, Haltom City, Fort Worth, Westlake, and Southlake.

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