Do I Really Need To Visit My Dentist in North Fort Worth Twice a Year?

February 7, 2017

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Going to the dentist sometimes feels like a nuisance! It takes time out of your busy day to go the appointment, and you feel like you just went recently. Your teeth don’t hurt; do you really need to go to your dentist in North Fort Worth twice a year? Wouldn’t one visit each year be sufficient? The answer to this question is a resounding no! One visit is not enough and here’s why:

Prevention is the Key to Optimum Oral Health

There are a few things that happen during your regular dental visit to the dentist. First, we screen you for oral health issues such as periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay. All of these conditions are much more successfully treated in their earliest stages, which means less invasive and costly procedures for you. Believe it or not, North Fort Worth dentist, Dr. McIntosh can detect these problems much earlier than you can because often there is no pain, and not very many symptoms associated with them.

Next, our hygienist will clean your teeth and remove the excess plaque that causes gum disease and tooth decay. We know that prevention begins at home, so we’ll also take the time to educate you about your oral health and proper brushing and flossing techniques so you can make the most of your home care routine.

The Oral Systemic Link

As more studies emerge, we understand how oral health is connected to overall health and well-being. The bacteria that causes periodontal disease has been directly linked with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and vice versa. This tells us that maintaining your oral health has never been more important and has a direct correlation to also maintaining your overall health.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease occurs when excess plaque buildup causes your gums to separate from your teeth, which allows harmful bacteria below the gum line. This bacteria causes inflammation and infection of the soft tissue and bone that surround your teeth. If it’s left untreated, gum disease will eventually destroy the support system for your teeth and will lead to tooth loss.

This is also how bacteria enters the bloodstream, travels to other areas of the body, and contributes to other health concerns. Regular visits to Distinguished Dental twice per year can help you be proactive and prevent gum disease from happening.

Contact Distinguished Dental

Dr. McIntosh and her team are here to be your partners in prevention. With routine checkups and cleanings, we can help you avoid many dental issues so you maintain that healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

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