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3 Ways to Look Younger with Cosmetic Dentistry

July 14, 2023

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If you wish you could look younger, it might be worth considering the state of your smile. Teeth that are worn down, discolored, or oddly shaped can potentially age your appearance, but cosmetic dentistry can address these imperfections to help you look more youthful. If you want to take a few years off your grin but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are 3 suggestions.

1. Brighten Dull or Stained Enamel with Teeth Whitening

It’s not unusual for teeth to become discolored over time. Sometimes it’s just a natural result of the aging process, but it can also be a consequence of certain lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking a lot of darkly pigmented beverages. The good news is that thanks to professional teeth whitening, it’s often possible to brighten a smile that has become dull with age.

Many dentists offer in-office whitening, but oftentimes they can also provide customized take-home kits. If you speak to your dentist, they can explain the advantages of each whitening method and help you narrow down the kind that’s right for you.

2. Hide Small Flaws with Cosmetic Bonding

Even a small imperfection can make your smile look older than you would like. For example, you may have a tooth that was slightly chipped or cracked in an accident. It’s often possible to quickly fix this type of flaw with a procedure known as cosmetic bonding.

After confirming the changes you want to make, your dentist will apply composite resin to your tooth. The material will be shaded in a way that lets it blend in seamlessly with your enamel, and it can be sculpted in order to cover a variety of aesthetic issues. Cosmetic bonding is a very conservative treatment, so you don’t have to worry about natural tooth structure being removed.

3. Remodel Your Smile with Veneers

Are all of your teeth excessively worn, damaged, or discolored? All of these cosmetic issues can take a toll on your appearance, and it’s often hard to know where to start with correcting them. However, thanks to veneers, it’s possible to improve multiple aspects of your grin with just one treatment.

A veneer is basically a shell that is meant to be placed on the front of a specific tooth. Your dentist can give you a veneer for each tooth that you want to enhance. With this approach, it’s possible to make multiple changes to your grin simultaneously.

Just because you don’t have the smile you want doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the smile you have. Set up a consultation with your dentist today to learn more about the cosmetic procedures they offer and find out how you might benefit from them.

About the Author

Dr. Sheri McIntosh believes in what she refers to as the Distinguished Patient Experience, which involves offering quality care in a warm and inviting dental office environment. At Distinguished Dental in Fort Worth, she can improve her patients’ smiles with veneers, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic treatments. To schedule a consultation with Dr. McIntosh, visit her website or call (817) 337-8300.

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