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Fight Back Against Teeth Grinding

women holding jaw in pain

Effective Treatment for Teeth Grinding

If stress is interfering with your sense of peace and wellbeing, it may also be interfering with your oral health. That’s because teeth grinding is a common response to stress. Known as bruxism, this condition can lead to serious wear and tear on the chewing surfaces of teeth. It can also damage the muscles and tissues in and around the jaw and make you more vulnerable to TMJ dysfunction.

Thankfully, there’s a simple but effective dental service for treating teeth grinding. With a custom-made appliance known as a nightguard, you can manage your condition and experience relief. Treating bruxism is as simple as wearing your nightguard while you sleep. Most patients who struggle with teeth grinding have the most trouble while they’re asleep because they can’t consciously stop themselves. With a nightguard, you don’t have to worry—it does all the work.

Bruxism Symptoms & Treatment

If you think you might be struggling with bruxism, let your trusted family dentist complete an oral health assessment for you. During your appointment, she’ll inspect the chewing surfaces of your teeth for signs of wear, and she’ll talk to you about any other symptoms you may be experiencing. The symptoms of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction include frequent headaches, jaw pain, and pain the neck, back, and shoulders. More advanced symptoms can include insomnia, eating disorders, and depression.

If a nightguard is right for you, we’ll design an appliance that will help you experience relief. We can also talk to you about effective relaxation techniques that will help you manage stress, and we can recommend helpful changes to your diet.

Call Distinguished Dental of Fort Worth if you’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. McIntosh. During your appointment, we’ll assess your health and talk to you about treatment with a nightguard. We’re proud to provide effective therapy for bruxism to patients in and around Fort Worth.