5 Easy Tips for Eating with Dentures This Summer

May 21, 2021

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couple eating with dentures at a backyard get-together

Now that you’ve just received your brand-new dentures, you’re finally ready to show off your pearly whites at all of the weddings, graduations, and other fun events you’ve got planned for this summer. There’s only one problem – it can take several weeks to grow accustomed to eating with dentures. Follow these five tips to make enjoying delicious summer treats a breeze!

1. Stick to a Soft Food Diet at First

For the first few days or weeks after getting dentures, your gums might feel sore after eating. This is a perfectly normal part of the adjustment process. Until your gums have gotten used to supporting your new teeth, take it easy on them by only eating soft foods like pudding, oatmeal, and applesauce.

2. Be Careful Around Hot Foods

Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing cup of joe on your porch or your loved ones are roasting marshmallows by the campfire, be cautious with hot foods and beverages. Dentures have an insulating effect; hot items might burn the sensitive soft tissues in your mouth before you even realize that it’s too hot to consume. Start with small nibbles or sips so you can judge the temperature before digging in.

3. Cut Your Food into Bite-Sized Pieces

Trying to bite off more than you can chew can strain your denture as well as your gums and jaw. To prevent this, cut up your foods into tiny chunks first. It’s especially crucial to do this with hearty foods like raw vegetables and fruits.

4. Stay Hydrated

Many classic summer foods, like potato chips and bread, contain lots of starch. This means that small particles of these foods might linger on your denture and gums, increasing the risk of infection. Be sure to drink plenty of liquid (preferably plain water) throughout the day to rinse away this debris.

5. Be Selective with Your Meats

As delicious as grilled meats are, they take quite the chewing effort, especially with dentures. You may want to avoid ribs and steak until you’re fully adjusted to eating with your new teeth. Instead, try ground meats and slow-cooked meats that are easier to chew.

Part of the reason you replaced your teeth was so that you could enjoy your favorite foods again. If you stick to these tips, eating with dentures should feel like second nature in no time!

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