Halloween Candy Alternatives from Your Fort Worth Dentist

October 21, 2015

Halloween tips from your Fort Worth dentist

Let’s be honest—no one, especially a child, needs all of the candy he or she manages to collect on Halloween. Whether the size of a candy bucket is small, medium or large, there’s too much candy inside! But dressing up and going trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition. So what can you do to make it a healthy tradition? Dr. Sheri McIntosh and the team at Distinguished Dental in Fort Worth, TX, have some ideas that will make this Halloween fun, safe, and healthy.

My Child’s Baby Tooth has a Cavity. Does it need a filling?

September 10, 2015

smiling little girl seated in the dentist's chair

The short answer to that question is, “yes,” according to Dr. Sheri McIntosh, Fort Worth children’s dentist at Distinguished Dental. Now, let’s consider why treating tooth decay in children is important and how you can help your children avoid cavities in the first place.

The Family Dentist Keller Trusts

July 28, 2015

Father and daughter work on the effective at-home dental health routine recommended by the family dentist keller trusts

As a child you may have learned an African American spiritual song from the 1800s called “Dem Bones.” Even if you never learned it yourself, you’d probably recognize the familiar refrain, “the hip bone’s connected to the backbone, Backbone connected to the shoulder bone, Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone, Neck bone connected to the head bone.” Anatomical eccentricities aside, the song often serves to help children begin to understand how parts of our bodies are connected. You may accept that the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone, but what about gum tissue’s connected to heart disease, or the sore jaw’s connected to the heart attack? These may seem farfetched or silly, but recent studies show we might want to pay more attention to our mouths to detect and prevent numerous systemic diseases. Regular dental health exams from Distinguished Dental – Sheri McIntosh DDS may be one of the best ways to diagnose and treat chronic illness. Call to schedule your next checkup with Dr. Sheri McIntosh at our Keller, TX family dental practice.

Trusted Keller Dentist for Your Littlest Smiles

July 15, 2015

Keller dentist gives kids great smiles

Distinguished Dental – Sheri McIntosh DDS of Keller, TX offers all patients a wide-range of dental care services with top-tier treatment and amenities. Your kids have likely been home all summer; but with fall just around the corner, now is a great time to bring your family in for a back to school checkup. Call now as appointments toward the end of the summer fill quickly, and we want to offer you the best range of options to get your child’s smile ready to go back to school.